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The latest tech news about the world's best (and sometimes worst) hardware, apps, and much more. From top companies like Google and Apple to tiny…
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been expanding with a rapid speed among many industries to automate processes. From fintech security to customer assistance, AI is transforming…
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Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option…
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Get the latest Gadget News: Progress in digital tech from data, robotics, 3D printing & AI is at the core of Sandvik. Read about how…

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The Amazon Halo Rise would be a neat sleep tracker, if it weren’t for my cat

I am stuck in a vicious cycle. My cat is an asshole who likes waking me up at 3AM. In pursuit of a more peaceful slumber (and a new life

Press Room Press Room 21 Min Read

Pixel binning isn’t just a gimmick. Here’s why it’s now built into high-end phones

Megapixels used to be so much simpler: A bigger number meant your camera could capture more photo detail as long

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Dead Space Remake: 7 Useful Tips for Surviving in Space

Dead Space might be the best video game remake ever created. Whether you're a fan of the series or brand

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The Most Exciting Phones I Want to See in 2023 – Video

Speaker 1: From the iPhone 15 to the Galaxy Z fold five. There are plenty of phones to be excited

Press Room Press Room 10 Min Read

Top New Phones to Expect in 2023: Galaxy S23, iPhone 15 and More

Apple, Samsung, Google and OnePlus may have major phone upgrades in store for this year, if the rumors and leaks turn out to be true. Samsung and OnePlus will be among

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New iOS Login Tech Makes It Super Hard to Hack Your iCloud

Apple now lets you protect your Apple ID and iCloud account with hardware security keys, a physical login technology that

Press Room Press Room 6 Min Read

Don’t Like Facebook Memories? Here’s How to Stop Them

Facebook Memories are usually good for a laugh, a cringe (the mid-2000s, right?) or a fond recollection. But they can

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DualSense Edge Review: Sony’s Premium Controller for PlayStation 5

The DualSense Edge controller is a new premium accessory for Sony's PlayStation 5, and it offers a high degree of

Press Room Press Room 11 Min Read
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